various dryer
Characteristics of Electricity Dryer
     1. Heat with infrared ray heating tube, raise and lower down temperature quickly, small heat inertia and high heat efficiency.
     2. Adjustable transit speed of net belt with accurate temperature control device.
     3. Double-roller chain and chain drive make stable and smooth running.
     4. Sliding board bottom of dryer for easy cleaning. 
     5. Suitable to dry non-fried extrusion snacks, nutritional powder, bread crumb, pet food, soybean protein, etc.
       We also can do diesel dryer,natural gas dryer and LPG dryer etc, which are suitable to dry extrusion snacks, corn puff, nutritional powder, bread crumb, pet food, soybean protein, etc
        In additional, our Recycling dryer is suited to dry extrudate,bugles,tortilla chips,doritos, 3D pellet snack, dog chewing food, especially for those requiring low temperature and short time dry.

Brief Introduction of  automatic fryer and flavoring machine
         Automatic fryer 
1. Integrating frying and de-oiling with conveying under compact structure.
2 Controlled by PLC, high automation.
3 Advanced temperature controller and stirring device have the frying to the optimum.
4 Diesel (gas) burner ensures temperature up quickly with high thermal efficiency.
5 Automatic and manual operation are available.
                 Flavoring machine
1 Composed of elevator, roller seasoner, oil sprayer, and automatic powder sprayer.
2 Reasonable designed stirring teeth in the roller seasoner make it mix equally and easy to clean.
3 Advanced temperature control device in the oil sprayer makes the temperature adjustable according to different materials.
4 Overflow valve and air control the spraying volume and area of spray gun.
5 Lengthened screw in the powder sprayer conveys seasoning much equally.
6 Stainless steel structure keeps fine hygiene.