Artificial rice machine, nutrition rice machine
Iron-Fortified Rice machine

This process line used rice as the main raw material, and some other vitamin and mineral material can be chosen as the products required. The material is extruded into rice shape by the double-screw extruder, and dried to needed moisture content. The extruding technique makes it possible to strengthen the micronutrient in the rice and solidify it.

Reinforced rice production equipment adapts the great situation that our country is carrying out the reinforced handling for the rice and the flour.
It can meet the need that people require the balanced nutrition. It has the following features: high degree of automation, saving energy.
 It takes the rice, millet, black rice, buckwheat
and all kinds of corns and cereals as raw material and makes the vitamin, protein and mineral composition mixed, extruded, then it can become the rice appearance again. This process is easy  and convenient and has the same edible method as the natural rice.

Enriched rice process machine
The production of Nutririce offers the unique possibility to fortify rice with many types vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A and B family as well as iron and zinc can be chosen for inclusion. And allows for production of custom-made products in terms of color, shape, and texture.
1.      mixer
2.      twin-screw extruder
3.      vibrant feeder
4.      air conveyor
5.      multi-layer dryer