Brief Introduction of Cereal corn flakes processing line
   Corn flakes are a popular breakfast cereal manufactured by twin-screw extruder through the treatment of flakes of grain, served with milk and marshmallows, were a very popular food among the families. The history of corn flakes goes back to the late 19th century, when a group of Seventh-day Adventists began to develop new food to meet the standards of their strict vegan diet. Members of the group experimented with a number of different grains, including wheat, oats, rice, barley, and corn.


Corn/oat flakes(Breakfast Cereals) uses corn as raw material.It can be  mixed with coffee or milk, or 

eaten as snacks.  Crispy 


corn flakes (Breakfast Cereals)/ crispy rice machinery use corn and other cereals as main material, through mixing,extruding or boiling, planishing, drying, baking, coating and cooling, to get crispy flakes. It can be mixed with coffee or milk, or eaten as snacks.

corn flakes (Breakfast Cereals)/ crispy rice machinery is developed and manufactured on the basis of the international advanced extruder

technology, which is named corn flakes breakfast processing line. Its technology performance and quality can

reach international advanced level. This line consist of mixing, boiling, pressing, drying and inflating, which

can be finished in one time, the level of its automation is very high.  

Model Double-screw extruder line

Installed capacity 120KW

Power consumption 80KW

Output 120 -150kg /h

Dimension 50000*2500*3 000mm  

 Machines of the corn flakes (Breakfast Cereals)/ crispy rice machinery

1 Mixer
2.Screw conveyor

3 Double-screw extruder

4  cooling machine
5.Air blower

6 Chips making machine
7.Air blower

8 Dryer
9. vibrator

10 Baking machine

11 coating drum 
12. Sugar sprayer
13. vibrator

14 Dryer

15 Cooler