Bread crumb machine
Bread crumb processing line
Bread crumb is widely used food supplementary material, mainly used for dressing on fried food, like beefsteak, chicken leg, chicken wing, etc. This our specially designed bread crumb process line has improved the traditional one. From mixing materials to final crumb shaping, it only needs less workers, and the left material can be reused, which can lower the production cost and raise the production efficiency. Our company is the first and unique manufacturer of this bread crumb process line

bread crumb processing line
bread crumb making machine
The widely-used crumb is mainly minor ingredient for fried beef and chicken legs etc.

The widely-used crumb is mainly minor ingredient for fried beef and chicken legs etc. Our developed crumb processing line changes the technique of traditional production method. It is assembly line from mixing material to finished item with few workers. The waste can be reused which cut the cost and improve the efficiency. The production line is a first creation in our country.


bread crumb making machine
    Bread crumb is the widespread use food increase supplementary material, mainly uses in the western-style food exploding the beefsteak, exploding the chicken leg and so on to fry in oil the supplementary material. Our company develops the development "bread crumb" special-purpose production line production changed the traditional bread crumb technique of production, invests from the lining to destroys the formation is the production-runs, the personnel are few, the excess stock might duplicate uses, does not have the waste material, to reduce the production cost, to raise the labor productivity. Main product acicular crumb, granular crumb etc.

bread crumb machinery